Welcome to the booking systemet for express boats in Nordland. 

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At 177nordland.no you will find the routes i Nordland, and you can buy tickets digitally. You will also find travel tips, articles and inspiration for your travels in Norway’s most beautiful county. Have a good trip.


Book and pay tickets online: booking.177nordland.no

Available only for the express boat routes: 

  • Nordlandsexpressen 1 / NEX 1 (Route 23-731)
  • Nordlandsexpressen 2 / NEX 2 (Route 23-755)
  • Væran (Route 18-539)
  • Gildeskål (Route 18-445)
  • Træna ruten (Route 18-191)

The booking will be closed on the same day as the departure date, 3 hours before the first departure on the current route.
After this time, tickets are bought on board the vessels.

If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of making the reservation, you will always receive a full refund.

(You must then be logged in before purchasing tickets)


Important information:

In Nordland there is no booking system for our busses. Everybody who wants a ride on our busses can just meet up at our bus stops.

If the bus is completly full, a new one will be set up emediatly. We have a seat guaranty on our busses. 

But this does not acour for our express boats. If they are fully booked, a new extra boat will not be set up. 

If you want to be secure to get a seat onboard our boats, you should be early on and book tickets as soon as you know your details on your trip. 

There are several other express boat routes witch is not on this booking system. Tickets for these routes are bought onboard the express boats at the same day as departure. 

Need more overwiew and route information on all express boats in Nordland? Check out our website: 177nordland.no 


Everybody who book ticket category “Other ticket types” must show a valid and allready paid period product, and proof of  this while entering our express boats.  

For instance Youth card, Month card and Travel Pass Nordland. 

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